Three Important Steps To A Healthy Diet And Skin Free Of Acne

We are all witnesses of all kinds of theories about healthy nutrition. The internet is full of websites, blogs and forums that talk about healthy eating habits depending on which results you want. Whether you want to lose weight, gain some muscles or you have a specific health problem that you want to solve. It can all be found on the Internet.

By doing a lot of research I became aware of a fact that we really do not have to be nutritionists or any kind of experts to realise what is a healthy diet. And I am not talking here about balancing certain ingredients in order to resolve some special medical conditions. I am talking about obvious facts that can prevent most of that conditions.

I am personally not a fan of trying to implement radical changes in diet overnight. With that kind of approach a person has little to no chance to make any progress. Small and painless changes that are growing overtime and becoming a joyful habit is much better and has much more potential to stay and become a long-term habit and a way of life.

From my perspective, with all of the above said, the first step in diet changes should be eating raw fruits and vegetables, if a person eats them at all. If not, then that should be the first step. When talking about eating raw, I am not thinking about eating only carrots and lettuce all day. A few simple and obvious facts should be considered here. Where is the need to boil or fry certain foods that can be eaten in the form they come? It is scientifically proven a long time ago that high temperature destroys certain minerals and vitamins. It takes only 40 degrees for C vitamin to be destroyed. When we take that in mind, the obvious question we should ask ourselves is why it is commonly believed by most people how a soup made of vegetables such as carrots, broccoli or celery is good for human health, especially when dealing with a flu. Where does that belief come from? It should all be eaten raw. Where is the need to cook a carrot when it is fine just the way it is? Of course, vegetables like potato, corn and legumes must be boiled. Otherwise they can cause gallbladder pain which I know from my personal experience.

Second step should be avoiding any kind of dairy products. Here it is enough to consider where is the necessity and reasonableness to stop drinking milk as a baby and then switch on to drinking cows milk for the rest of your life?

In my opinion, the third step should be avoiding eating food that contains gluten. That includes wheat, oats and of course all bakery products. In almost every weight loss program that can be found, it is mentioned that bread is evil. Medical studies show that gaining weight is not the only bad result that comes from eating bakery products. It creates much havoc just like dairy products. Human body can not fully digest it so undigested parts of it remain in the body. To our immune system those parts look like a virus so it will generate certain complex reactions that damage different tissues in different people. It is no wonder that some professional athletes have given up on gluten a long time ago to ensure their best performances. Also, it seems that undigested parts of gluten have the same influence on our brains like opium so we are literally hooked on gluten! And the same thing happens when drinking milk.

It is medically proven that some skin diseases appear as a result of gluten intolerance. From my personal experience I can tell that some seemingly non serious skin problems, like acne, are also a visible result of eating gluten and chaos that it creates inside our bodies.